Yesterday, Danyel Smith announced via Twitter, that she was “on the move” to her first day as Billboard’s Editor.

Danyel Smith"Former everything. Future everything," Smith was Editor at Large for Time, Inc., held the position of Editor-In-Chief at Vibe and Vibe Vixen Magazines, and she was Executive Editor of theRoot. As editor of Vibe, she held her ground when she cleared the air about Ciara’s nude photo shoot, after rumors of a potential lawsuit surfaced. But it was her response to a statement Robin Thicke made blasting Vibe for not placing him on the cover because he was white, that had blogs all a buzz:

After naming countless A-list celebrities that have graced the cover (including Robert Dinero, Gwen Stefani and Eminem who are white), she says “we are so flattered that Robin Thicke wants to be on the cover of Vibe and we are gonna hope that he gets to that level eventually.” Source

An award winning writer and author, her blog,, is one of the sites I look to for relevant information on politics, literature and to catch a “meaningful glance” or the “look of the hour.”

Did you know this is the second time she’s worked for Billboard? I found this earlier interview she did with the Little Pink Book, here, she shares…

"I first moved to New York for a job at Billboard and hated it. I didn’t understand that with a trade magazine, if you didn’t have something to say, you couldn’t say anything. I’m a critic, and that was terrible for me. So I quit without having another job, and I’d only been in this city for five months. I thought it was a mistake because I was broke. But it was the best thing I ever did because it forced me to apply myself at all mags, not just music. It forced me to write about things outside of my expertise – and to ask for the money I wanted. I promised myself to always ask for more, no matter what they offered.

Today she goes back to Billboard, and independent of what they offered, we’re sure it’s what Smith brings to the table that got her back there the second time around.


Dubbed the “Power Couple of Publishing” Danyel and her husband, Elliott Wilson received congratulatory messages via Twitter after the announcement was made. Reportedly Wilson’s no longer at the helm of The Source, but he’s still providing commentary on the culture of hip hop by way of Rap Radar and Respect Magazine. Winning.

Congratulations Danyel!

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