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…just when I thought this track couldn’t get any better! What you know about Chi-Town veteran rap artist Twista?

Frank Ocean’s Thinking About You was already on heavy rotation in my house and now I get to replace it with the remix.

Please believe Twista is in my “Top 20” greatest rappers of all times list. He probably still holds the world record for the fastest rapper…

Frank Ocean + Twista = This knocks! I’m just saying…


The newest artist to come out of the Roc Nation empire is Bridget Kelly. The Queen’s Castle recently shared her debut single, Thinking About Forever, which was written by Frank Ocean and produced by her “number one producer,” Shay Taylor.

Kelly recently sat down with Rap-Up TV to reveal that she’s working on an EP with four to five songs that will help introduce her debut album, also in the works. So far she’s had the chance to work with The Dream and Ne-Yo and she further elaborates how Frank Ocean came to write the debut single. Signed to Roc Nation, Kelly admits that Jay-Z demands the best out of his artists, claiming it’s “a blessing to have a direct line” to him. She even shares a story about how he encouraged her to work on her music, when she thought she was through.

Her debut single knocks and I’m looking forward to some more music from her. If you haven’t heard Thinking About Forever, listen here.

More on Bridget Kelly at her website.

The Lovenoise Group recently teamed up with Grid Iron 9 to provide entertainment in a format alluring to Nashville’s grown and sexy. With an intimate setting at Dr. Bobby Jones’ Vision’s, guest enjoyed a chef prepared dinner with entertainment by two-time Grammy nominee, Eric Roberson.

Vision’s was near capacity when all the guests arrived to enjoy their choice of two wonderful three course meals that were prepared by Chef Jason. The main entrée course offered an option of buttermilk fried chicken fillet w/ancho honey glaze or muscadine braised beef roast; both plates were delicious. Dessert was just as sweet, chocolate covered strawberry brandy cake or peach strudel with cinnamon vanilla cream. While dinner was being enjoyed, the show’s opening acts were taking the stage.

Silverware was put down long enough to fill Vision’s with the sound of fingers snapping when poet, J. Cru, hit the stage to deliver a few original pieces. Shortly after, Curtis Fields, half-crooner, half-comedian, got a hold of the microphone and kept the crowd laughing with his rendition of Musiq’s, Just Friends, and other original songs, setting the tone for Eric Roberson’s arrival.

Roberson’s was met with warm adoration from his fans when he appeared on stage. To them he is “ERRO,” and his ability to write about real life, while pouring an authentic story into his music is what his fans appreciate. He’s lyrically colorful and is musically supported by rhythmic, melodic, tracks that thump while coloring way outside the lines; for example, consider “Still,” which also helped to secure his second Grammy nomination.

During his set, fans sang along to music from all seven of his albums and he also performed singles from Music Fan First. The dessert service was made sweeter by Roberson’s performance of She, Pretty Girl, Borrow You and an original song he created on the spot with words provided by the audience.

Watch as Erro freestyle’s to the following words from the audience: Creative, Spinach, Reparations, Leggings, Rubics Cube, and Guidance…

After his performance, The Queen’s Castle had a moment to ask the “King of Independent Music” a few questions:

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