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@BlackQueen1010 Interviews Golden Brooks for The @Queens_Castle!
Watch our interview in its entirety, here.

@BlackQueen1010 Interviews Golden Brooks for The @Queens_Castle!

Watch our interview in its entirety, here.


The Queen’s Castle Interviews :: @JessicaReedy “God Has Smiled on Me”

JRJessica Reedy’s star is shining as brightly as her smile. The former BET’s Sunday Best competitor, who finished as runner-up in the show’s second season, is a native of Saginaw, Michigan, creating a solid fan base with her soul moving vocals. Please believe she’s making room for herself in the industry, even as a newcomer, evidenced by appearances on the Blessed & Cursed soundtrack, in addition to her collaboration with veteran vocal powerhouses Kelly Price and Faith Evans on the single, Troubled World.

In the video above, Jessica performs “God Has Smiled On Me” at the first live televised Stellar Award nomination ceremony, which was held at Mount Zion Baptist Church in Antioch, Tennessee. I was in the audience during her performance, and her vocal range, clarity and overall stage presence was absolutely phenomenal. She was one of the program highlights, hands down.

At the time, Reedy had recently signed a contract with Light Records/eOne. I had a moment to ask her a few questions prior to her performance:

SigningTQC: How are you feeling now that you are signed to Light Records?

JR: I feel absolutely amazing. It’s a God given opportunity. They are wonderful people. They are nurturing, it’s a family. I don’t feel unwelcome or strained, stressed or pulled. I don’t feel like I’ve made a bad decision. God has given me favor and I’m so excited. God has been smiling on me and looking on me, walking me through everything. I feel amazing.

TQC: That’s a good thing. Are you in the studio yet?

JR: We’re getting there. It’s more planning. You don’t want to go in there without an idea. You know, trying to make sure the package is perfect and everything flows, so it’s not idle time or wasting time. In the meantime though, I’ve been traveling, meeting people, making relationships, networking, learning and growing. It’s been amazing. 

TQC: That’s most important. Okay, so what’s the chemistry, what’s the mixture, what do you want to give us with your upcoming album? Give us a sneak peek. How are you feeling in your heart?

JR: So this is my thing. I feel as though love is lacking in ministry. People’s perspective of bringing forth the word, they’re just saying the words without giving a full expression of what it means to them. To me, I like to express just how God makes me feel while I’m singing so if nothing more, I pray you feel God’s love because I’m singing how he makes me feel. It’s how I base how I will sing. It’s not just making sure the notes are right, but I have to feel it. When I feel it then it’s good.

Me and JessicaTQC: Yes, Queen let your light shine, it gives others permission to do the same. Is there anything else you want to get out there, about what you’re working on?

JR: Lord willing, my album will be out in 2011, my first single, “God Has Smiled On Me,” is coming soon and please, just keep me in prayer.

TQC: Always Jessica, and please believe the Lord is willing…


Album CoverIndeed God is smiling on Jessica, because it’s impossible to see her smile and not do the same, He is pleased. Jessica’s remake of the timeless, God Has Smiled On Me, is now available for sale on I-Tunes; at post time, it’s the number one gospel single, click here, to download.

Be sure to catch her performance on BET’s Celebration of Gospel, Sunday, January 30 at 8PM EST/7PM CST. Just following the televised broadcast, Jessica will appear with Grammy Award nominee, Vashawn Mitchell, to premiere the exclusive digital show, My First Celebration of Gospel on More about the digital show, here.

Follow her on Twitter, “Like” her on FaceBook or get up to date information on Jessica Reedy at the Light Records website.

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